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Review of New Years Race by Vonda Peralez

Posted by: on January, 6 2013

Didn’t cross the start line until 9:27pm. I was in corral 9 so I wonder what time corral 16 crossed. Lots of water stations which is nice but unnecessary for an event that is in the freezing cold. Shout out to the Volunteers who stuck it out in the late hour and in the cold. I feel that now I know every aspect of the Dodger Stadium parking lot. The over extended maze thru the parking lot were mind numbing as well as several spots with sketchy roads with no lighting were terrifying. No one needs a sprained ankle. And to think I made fun of the people who had head lamps on. They were the smart ones. There was one drum corp along the way for support and some lights and up beat music at the turn at mile 12. There maybe 3 to 4 people along the course with signs and encouragement. For this kind of event you need support people on the side lines cheering you on.
Once I completed the event no one stopped me to give me my medal; luckily my husband was there to send me back to get it. There wasn’t even an announcer to shout out your name at the finish. That’s a MUST! Loved and grateful for the mylar blankets but there were green bananas, bag of multi grain chips, and cold bagles for your finish line treat-that’s it. After a race calories are important. Plus I never saw the BIG party that was prompted nor did I see Food Trucks. And after walking 13.1 miles (or more) I had to walk 12 blocks back to my hotel. Poor planning on my part or poor planning by the organizers. Not sure who to blame. Overall I will not be back for this event. I realize it is their 1st marathon event but you should have an experienced, event participating person helping with the important little details. Good Luck next year.