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Review of New Years Race by Stacy Palmer

Posted by: on January, 7 2013

Considering this was an inaugural race, much of it went well especially as far as organization goes. The expo was small but the neccesary merchandise was available for the most part (Gu. etc.). The pre-race was pretty organized too; however, I didn’t like the late start time and as far as I can tell my chip time is still innacurate by 5 minutes. I’m an experienced runner so the course hills didn’t bother me too much but beginners beware! And I didn’t like the course in that it lacked the scenery I was expecting for a night run in L.A. Too much time spent in and around Dodger Stadium left me bored.. I sought city lights and people and that is where this course lacked energy. The post race was decent insofar as blankets and water were readily available and the bling rules. Yet, the post party was a failure. By the time I warmed up and received my free drink the beer stand closed down. Seriously, the beer garden should not have closed until every runner had a chance to get their free drink or 2AM hit. I ran in the top six for my division and still didn’t even get to relax to a couple of beers. Not cool for those running slower times. At any rate, these are minor glitches that can easily be worked out. Over all, I still had a good time.