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Review of New Years Race by Sallie Ngarmtap

Posted by: on January, 6 2013

Pre-race: packet pickup was organized and well laid out given the facilities. Needed signs saying the expo was upstairs though after packet pickup. Being a new race, the expo was on the small size.
Race hotel, parking, start area were all within blocks of each other. Finish line was a ways away.

Race: wave start. Good. Corrals were organized. Should have provided a map in swag bag showing start area, gear check, and finish area. Course mostly well lit. Didn’t need to use headlamp at all. Good security throughout especially since it is a night race. Hilly course both long and short hills. Majority of course is in and around Dodger Stadium which provided beautiful views of downtown. Good support with water, bathrooms, Gatorade(more wanted), medical stops.

Post race: finishing area well laid out. No huge bottlenecks. Provided foil blankets, water, coconut water(awesome), bagels, chips, bananas. Medical tent nearby. Picture area was the only real crowded area. Lots of room to cool down and stretch before family reunion area. Needed more signs especially where to go for gear check.
Post race festivities sucked for those who finished later. Not a whole lot was going on. No directions were provided to finishers on how to get back to hotel/parking. Should have given racers option to park near start OR finish area. More signs more signs more signs needed.