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Review of New Years Race by RunMomma

Posted by: on January, 7 2013

Inaugural races are always a gamble, but many years later it’s good to know you can look back as a legacy runner and say “hey, I did it when…”.

Just the fact that this race was held in Downtown LA meant there would be traffic and some iffy areas, but that’s part of the joy of running races – you get to see a city from a different view point. Add in that this was a night race and now things get really interesting. Most races are held during the morning hours for a reason – that’s the easy way to do them.

The organizers did a terrific job with a very challenging objective and I applaud them. This was a tough one to pull off and they did. They are listening to the feedback of many people who continue to complain about basically the same few points. I have no doubt that they will come back even stronger next year (and if you run it next year, I bet you’ll be in for a treat because it will be GREAT!).

Congratulations and thank you to the organizers, the volunteers who had to stay out late, the vendors who kept on going till the wee hours, and all the runners for their energy and enthusiasm. See you next year!!