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Review of New Years Race by Robin Freutel Ward

Posted by: on January, 6 2013

Hilly rat maze. Late start, mile markes incorrect. Bad lighting, potholes, cracks, switchbacks, race course map totally inaccurate. This was my 7th half. I’ve run a full marathon and several in the past couple of years it this was way more challenging than even the SD r&r marathon. I just wasn’t ready for soooo many hills. The route through dodger stadium parking lot was a joke. Really frustrating and deflating, just when you think you couldn’t go up in elevation any higher, there’s another hill they found to throw at you. And by the way, you got to see the ant line of people winding around the parking lot as you entered. Just freeking you out. I’m just so disappointed. My time was horrible. My personal worst! Just really glad it’s over. Would never recommend this race to a half marathon novice. They would never do another race again.