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Review of New Years Race by Jonathan Hildebrand

Posted by: on January, 6 2013

Okay, so I did the 5K and from past races I can sympathize with those who were not accustomed to the hills (I have biked the area by Dodger Stadium and know those hills well). The pre race stuff was really good. Packet pick up was a cinch, even though I had to change my corral to what I put on the entry form. I will say, the expo was very small (compared to the Disney Half, LB Marathon, and several triathlons I have completed). My son was registered for the kids race, and it was kind of a bummer for him that they did not get T shirts and even the ones you could purchase did not come in child’s sizing. The start of the kids race was okay (annoying people blocking me trying to get a picture of my son running-yeas I am talking to you annoying old lady with the backpack). Finish was good for them, but there was a big time discrepancy between the end of the kids race and start of the 5K. The family portion of the festival ended super early and those who had parents running in the 5K and half were stuck without things to do (other than listen to what I would assume is music played by no name DJ’s)

THe race starting late kind of sucked for me being back in corral 10, so with them starting late, I did not even cross the starting line until about 9:30. Good course with some false flats and slight inclines and declines. Nothing too noticeable. The aid station I thought was supposed to be at every mile, or at least half way through, but it was past what they said was the mile 2 marker. Lighting at points was an issue cause some of those streets get dark. I did like the touch they did with the stoplights coming into the finish.

Would I do the 5K again, sure why not. My son had fun at the kids race, but was disappointed afterwards (no adults supervising the kids area and he was getting pushed around on the obstacle jumper by older kids who did not care if he was there). Food trucks were okay, but there was too few and no other booths at the festival. I did not know where to go for my free beer, as it was not highlighted. Lastly, give the kids a real medal and not a plastic one.