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Review of New Years Race by Bernadette Yaa Mauldin

Posted by: on January, 6 2013

This was my 1st half marathon experience. I ran with my daughter and friends, so race organizers would have had to work hard to ruin it for me. But, there was definitely some things that could be improved upon.

Pre-race check in was well organized and fast for me. The expo was smaller than I expected, but that wasn’t a big deal. My main issue with the expo were the limited hours on race day? Why close at 5pm on race day, when bulk of runners would be arriving? I would have expected it to go a little closer to race time. I also appreciate them negotiating the discount at the Biltmore. Staying within walking distance of the race was a God send.

Late start, while not an issue for me personally, I could see how that would be at the least a minor annoyance to some and high stress to those needing 4 hours to finish the race.

I love my hoodie, I love my medal! As for the goodie bag, I’m a new runner, so it was satisfactory for me, not sure how it stacks up to other races, but I was happy with it.

The course was awful! Hills, hills and more hills! That might be the novice runner in me, but way too hilly! Also, near the stadium, there were some serious lighting issues… As in pitch black. The volunteers were awesome. Plenty of water, I would have liked Gatorade to be available more often, but that was minor to me. I’m just glad that water stops were plentiful.

Post race, I was grateful for the bananas and bagels. Again, as a newbie, I can’t really compare that to what other races provide, but it was adequate for me. They did have other snacks available, like Clif bars and Sweet potato chips, but I wasn’t particularly interested in the other stuff.

Picked up my medal as I crossed the line, easy and convenient. The Mylar blanket was most appreciated as I started to cool down.

The after party? Apparently, I missed that. I wouldn’t have gone anyway, as I was exhausted (from all those hills!) but, I can definitely see why someone else would be disappointed. When I was young, I did love to party!

Would I do this race again? Call me crazy, but, definitely yes! It was an inaugural event and with that comes knowledge that only comes from experience.