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Review of New Years Race by Amanda Daley

Posted by: on January, 7 2013

Lets see… I will start with the pre race: Tons of energy and communication leading up into the event through social media and that is very important keeping all the runners in the loop of whats new or what to expect. I thought the expo was just fine. I didn’t expect anything more from a first time race. I was in and out with my bib and goodies quickly and even zipped through a second time with my friends who came later in the day.

The course: so much more was expected from me. By the time I reached dodger stadium I honestly did not care anymore I was frustrated and unmotivated with running in a parking lot for 5 miles. THe hills were not the problem I took them all on as a challenge. I will say the last mile was exciting because you could see the downtown city lights and hear the roar of the crowd and rudy announcing loud up ahead. I guess I was just hoping more of the city streets would be part of the course.

I loved the medal and its nice a race steps out of the box and offered us a nice hoodie. There was tons of post race refreshments and food was being handed out. The mylar blankets were key!! I didnt get to the post race party though. I was just too cold to stick around all I wanted was a hot bath. I walked the 6 blocks back to my room.

I think they will work out some kinks and I would probably sign up again if there is a course change and I can get an early bird price.