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Review of New Years Race by

Posted by: on April, 9 2014

1. Dodger Stadium – pretty much made the race worth it.
2. The hooded sweatshirt was a welcome change from t-shirts
3. Free beer at the finish!
1. 7pm start. What do you do all day when you have to run at night? Yes, it’s great to run around Dodger Stadium with the lights on but the rest of the course was just, well, DARK. Unless this is actually run on New Year’s Eve @ midnight, I think it would be better to run this in the morning.
2. The bib pickup closed 2 hours before the race. The parking ramp was filled with runners trying to kill time between picking up their bib and the start of the race. Keep this open until 30 minutes to race time.
3. Designated parking ramp was a long way from the finish line. At least a mile walk after running 13.1.
4. Corralling system seemed a bit out-of-whack. I was in corral #3 and still had to run around 5K walkers in the first half mile. How do these people get up in the front?