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Review of New Years Race by

Posted by: on January, 5 2014

I am a 5k legacy runner.. The new course was great. It was well lit and avoided some of the darker dodgier areas that it went through last year. This race took a lot of flak and criticism last year. The race directors listened. They made some positive changes.

I really enjoyed the race this year and I will be back next year.

My only advice to the RD would be to better educate the volunteers. They were great but the guys at my corral didn’t really seem to know what they were supposed to do when the race started. I was in one of the back corrals, They just dropped the rope and a lot of runners just kind of blended into the previous corral. The volunteers quickly figured it out and recorralled us. Also when I finished the guys at the snack tables were telling people to take as much as they wanted. All I could think was that there wouldn’t be anything left for the half marathon finishers.