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Review of Nautica Malibu Triathlon by Suzanne Dieriex

Posted by: on April, 18 2012

This is a review for the International Distance (aka Olympic) race held on Saturday of the race weekend. This is not the super crowded celebrity filled Classic Distance. The swim is great, you have the chance to get outside the breaking waves. The bike along PCH can be distracting…watch out for the speed bumps, and don’t be like me and get distracted by the surfers in the water further down the bike course. The aid station is just before the turn around point, be careful of traffic. Run is a somewhat complicated series of out and backs, but once you hit the final turn around by the moving truck, it’s pretty much a straight shot back to the finish line. Watch out for gopher holes as there is a little “grassy” area you cross over twice during the race. Goody bags are reusable bags courtesy of Nautica, this race tries to be as environmentally friendly as possible.