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Review of Mud Mash X by Jason Wells

Posted by: on May, 21 2012

The 10 mile Mud Mash X was a blast. All Out Events did an incredible job from start to finish. Everything from video training tips months ahead of the race to glimpses of the course as it was being put together got me pumped for the event. It was a very well designed challenging yet fun and beautiful course. The announcers were totally positive and energetic. I’ve done many Tri’s and runs, but this was my first “mud” race of any kind and I had a great time. The obstacles were creative, fun and challenging. I liked how much AOE took advantage of the the natural environment. The after-party and the vendors serving food, beer, etc were all cool friendly. The vibe of the participants was friendly and supportive. Every person my teammate and I ran near was encouraging and friendly. I would recommend this race without hesitation to anyone looking for an awesome and challenging mud race.

Constructive feedback: A few more water breaks on the course. Might consider a volunteer or two in the back country portion of the run. Pretty long stretch of seeing no one made me wonder what would happen if someone were injured back in that area. Finally the monkey/gorilla bar obstacle was a good tough challenge that I liked, but the free fall to the ground from the top rung was brutal on the 45 year old bones in my feet and legs. Guy in front of me twisted his ankle pretty good coming down. The drop seemed unnecessarily risky and didn’t feel like a test of fitness or athleticism. A drop into water or ropes to climb down from each rung might be alternatives.

Thanks for a great event. I will be back for sure!