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Review of Mountains To Beach Marathon and Half by

Posted by: on June, 3 2013

This was the EARLIEST I’ve ever woken up for a race. After a 2:45 am wake up (for a half marathon – not a full!), we rushed to meet our shuttle bus because the race emails made it sound as though we would face certain death if we missed our assigned 4 am shuttle. We arrived for the shuttle at 3:45 am and realized that there was no one checking to make sure that people were getting on their scheduled shuttles as assigned (Mental note – next year, get on the later shuttle since it really doesn’t matter anyway). We were dropped off at near the site in total darkness on an empty road at 4 am (for a 6 am race) and told to walk the mile to the start. (I later learned other buses dropped runners off closer.) We then sat in the freezing cold for 2 hours with little to do but wait for the race to begin. No snacks, no heaters, no water, plus music and porta-potties weren’t available until nearly 4:30am. While waiting, we noticed that the start line was set up to run right through the lines for the porta-potties (might want to the re-think that one next time). Despite all of this, the course itself was fun and easy and at times quite beautiful. The actual race and post-race were well organized. If they could get the pre-race mess figured out, this would definitely be a race worth repeating.