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Review of Mountains To Beach Marathon and Half by

Posted by: on June, 1 2013

Pre race we huddled in the dark after being dropped off by the shuttles for over an hour. It was very cold and many runners took the opportunity to meet new people and encourage each other. The commaraderie was an A+. The course itself is very nice, I did this race the previous year (O2O) and who can argue with so much downhill? My only problem this year was the lack of any porta-potties on the course. Perhaps the fact that the pre-race porta potties were on the wrong side of the start line contributed to the number of people looking for them during the race. Yes the porta potties at the start were on the course side of the start line. Crazy! You couldn’t use it once they started the waves without triggering your chip. 13.1 miles is usually doable, but if you need to go you need to go and I was somewhat distressed to learn there were no facilities until the finish line. Shame on you course directors! There were two public restrooms along the route and perhaps they thought this would be sufficient … any ladies out there want to wait in line for 15+ minutes?? Unfair. Should have snuck into the mens room. Post race was wonderful. Lots of grass to sit on, music, stalls, snacks. A++. I seriously hope they consider adding a potty stop or two next year.