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Review of Mammoth Half Marathon by

Posted by: on June, 24 2013

Outstanding race day support and logistics in an awesome natural setting. Cool weather perfect for running. STUNNING first 5 miles starting Horseshoe Lake at 9,000 feet down past Mary’s lake, Twin Lakes and the Mammoth valley. Did not like the small pieces of out and backs thru some condos and the skate park — maybe straighten out those with some better straightaways or trails . Once again, the people at the start, throughout the entire course (Including the service staff at one of the hotels who came out in their uniforms to cheer on the runners!) and at the finish were the best! Elevation was a killer (!) tho I enjoyed running some of the same course used by the Olympic endurance runners. HIGHLY recommended as a destination race — and you can zip down the road a bit and take in Mono Lake and the Northern Yosemite scene as well.