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Review of Malibu International & Half Marathon by giarcanderson

Posted by: on January, 2 2012

OK. I was warned. If you like small marathons, then this is good for you. I have never seen such a small amount of vendors for the pre-race. I think there were about ten (maybe.)

Also, you do not get a shirt for this marathon. You get a towel. I like to wear my shirts. They are like a badge of honor, or in the case of the last LA marathon, a conversation starter on how much it rained. I just did not get the whole towel thing. Again, I was told before.

It is a point to point so you have to get there early to catch a bus to the starting line. The buses drop you off by the airport, and off you go out into the farmland of Oxnard. It was not well marked as far as I could see, but there are enough people in the race you can see where they turned. It is really, really flat. The scenery at beginning is really boring unless you are a farmer. Howvere, the last half is beautiful. I think that is why most people just run the half in this event. It seemed to be a better half than full. Also, It is flat and fast at the beginning, but there are a lot of hills along the coast.

During the race they serve you water and coconut water (gross!). I hate coconut. So, that kind of blew it for me. There were enough stations though.

The post race was as small as the pre-race

I don’t know what to say. It really was not the race for me. Maybe it would be for you.