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Review of Malibu International & Half Marathon by btangredi

Posted by: on November, 30 2012

I loved this race. Anytime you get to run along the ocean on a beautiful day is worth getting up before the crack of dawn. The packet pickup was a little hectic as the Malibu Inn is not the easiest place to get in and out of and it was a little tight inside so for that reason, I gave Pre-face a B. But it was easy to get your bib and get out once you were inside. And we actually had a very nice lunch at the Inn.

Race Day parking was easy enough to get in. The pre-pay parking was a great idea. The buses each missed a turn and then had to back up on the way to the starting line. I don’t understand why they aren’t given directions in advance. It was a little worrisome when you can hear them giving directions to the bus driver right before we were leaving – I would’ve thought that all that should be sorted out before.

There were plenty of bathrooms at the starting line, which is always a blessing. And the race only started a little late, but not late enough to be a problem. it was a little bunched up at the start but once we actually got out onto PCH there was plenty of room to run. I didn’t carry any water but the support out on the course was great. I never worried about hydrating because the water stops were plentiful and well-manned. The volunteers were great.

Post-race support was excellent, plenty of water available and the finish line specatators were great. During the ride home, my friends and I couldn’t stop talking about what a perfect day it had been.

I look forward to running this again.