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Review of Malibu International & Half Marathon by bkmichele

Posted by: on January, 24 2013

This is a runner’s marathon. I would not recommend it for anyone just giving. The 13.1 or 26.2 their first shot.
This was admittedly my backup marathon – having signed up for it within hours of the NYC Marathon being cancelled.

The expo is just packet pickup at a bar. Considering only 800 people run the full & that’s a 30% increase from the prior year, nothing more is really necessary. The Malibu Inn has a tiny parking lot, so maybe next time they just rent a banquet room at the Sheraton and save everyone the trouble.

Race morning sucks. All the hotels are on the opposite side of the canyon, so you have to drive (if you’re not staying at the Sheraton where they do have shuttles), to the beach and park at the finish line. Then you get bussed to the start, where you stand and freeze for an hour at least. This year the race started 30 minutes late. I’m not even going to pretend my nutrition or warmup is that perfect, but I got freaking cold and I’m sure this messed with more seasoned racers’ nutrition.

The course has almost no spectators. There is no shade and it gets hot as you get to the beach.
Bottom line, I got bored.

Post race there is plenty of fruit cups and a beach towel waiting for you.
Not bad. I kinda like the towel because I never wear the short sleeve tech shirts and not enough races offer the long sleeve ones.

I doubt I will be back.