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Review of Magic Shoe 5000 by gregoryx

Posted by: on May, 27 2012

PR Fast. Fast course plus fast runners makes for a fast run.
One of the consistent PR courses for many of the folks we run with.
Per results, 730 runners with over 100 under 19; including the nation’s fastest 50+ (Pete Magill) and some blazing performances from under-18s.

The course is flat and simple: 1-mile loop, 1-mile out-and-back, 1-mile loop.
The pre- and post-race area is hoppin’ for such a small race.

The pace was BLISTERING in the front of the race – with 50 of us ticking through the 1/2 mile under the 5-minute pace – and well ahead of our paces, but pushed by a huge crowd of fast runners.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED if you are looking for fast and fun.