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Review of Los Angeles Triathlon Championship and Tri Express Series #3 by phankin

Posted by: on June, 11 2012

I loved the relaxed atmosphere pre race. Was very happy with the ease of getting to the event and the ample parking. Didn’t like that there was no signage to assist in finding the parking from the entry to the park. Thought the course was good but could be better. The lake was nice but very, very murky, couldn’t see my own hands in the water, forget seeing a person in front of you. The markers in the water were very hard to see and were only explained once pre race so if you didn’t hear it, you were out of luck. Everyone I asked right at the water had no idea were we were going, blind leading the blind. Getting out was painful, lots of rocks at the shore. The transition area was great!! The bike course was very nice except for a long patch of horribly bumpy road, very dangerous and uncomfortable. I enjoyed the hills and diversity of views. The run was very nice, only a few little hills and very scenic around the lake. Post race was very low key and most left right away, not too much of a party atmosphere but nice. It was a great race for the whole family to enjoy. Very nice park and lots of open area for family. Many choices of clean bathrooms throughout the park and even along the run, in case of emergency!