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Review of Los Angeles Triathlon Championship and Tri Express Series #3 by

Posted by: on June, 10 2013

If i could give this race a B-/C+, I would. This was my first time racing in LA and I read the web site thoroughly to get an idea of what to expect. I like that there is no pre-race packet pick-up. That being said, i do recommend getting to Bonelli early, as traffic really backs up. We were one of the last cars let into to the lot — and we got there at 6:30. The overall vibe is pretty pleasant. The expo is a handful of tents, so don’t expect much there. The racks are first come, first serve, which would normally be fine, but sprint folks were mixed in with championship folks, and I heard a few racks collapsed during the transitions from people trying to cram their bike in.

The swim is a pleasant beach start, and the water was on the warm side. There was some crowding toward the end, with the championship and sprint waves finishing at the same time. The run from the beach to T1 is carpeted, so that was a nice touch.

The bike course is challenging and by no means flat. The first right out of the park is flat, and you can pick up some speed, but there are some nice hills. My biggest complaint is the roads weren’t all that great, especially back by the golf course on the way to the equestrian center. The road was HORRIBLE. There were also several potholes along the course that were unmarked. I found that many of the cyclists also had no idea what “on your left” meant. Many rode all over the bike lanes, making it difficult and sometimes dangerous to pass them, especially on the big downhill where the road was open to traffic.

The run, while also challenging, was well supported with aid stations. But if you were looking for something other than water, you were out of luck. The championship run was a 10k that took you on a loop through the park, on some dirt trails, by the campgrounds, and all the way back around to the start.

I am normally a sub-3 hour finisher, but due to some injuries and health problems, I finished in just over 3 hours. There was nothing but water at the finish. No bananas, no bagels, NOTHING. It was all gone, and there wasn’t a lot of water left either. I was a little disappointed, especially given how hot it was. Some of the other tri clubs and groups brought food their teams. Next time, I know to bring my own food for the finish.

All-in-all, it was an OK race. I have definitely been to better — and worse.