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Review of Los Angeles Rock N Roll Half Marathon by eddied26.2

Posted by: on April, 3 2012

I ran this race in 2010 to pace a friend. It was super convenient for me since I already live in Downtown LA and the finish line was at LA Live. The Start of the race was at Griffith Park so I took the bus there. No issues at the start, Music at the start but nothing too crazy!

The route had the opportunity to be better, but there were some points where we ran though very “dead’ sections meaning, not only no crowd support but nothing to see either. Some parts of were nice other part of the race were just so so. There were a few out and backs here and there, Griffith Park and Echo Park were nice as was finishing downtown but much of the course left something to be desired. The route was hillier than was expected but nothing too crazy.

The post race festivities were outstanding! Concerts, beers, etc. plus your right there at LA Live with plenty of food and entertainment options for post race!

I think this race can easily be an A race but the course has to be improved. Many runners remember the City Of Angels half marathon very fondly, and this is the race that has replaced it. Competitor group needs to show people why having them take over was a good thing.