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Review of Los Angeles Marathon by eddied26.2

Posted by: on April, 3 2012

I ran the Los Angeles Marathon twice, first in 2009 and then again in 2010. I will focus on the 2010 race as that was the year where some major improvements were made and the Stadium To Sea course was introduced!

The start of the race was a pretty big cluster if I am being honest. The traffic was terrible and the shuttle buses didn’t make it on time. Also since the only place to park was in Santa Monica there were more runners taking shuttles which complicated the traffic situation even more! Many runners, like myself, had to get off on the freeway and walk the rest of the way to Dodger Stadium. If that sounds ridiculous to you then imagine how we felt!! The other issue was with Porta Johns. There were plenty available, but when everyone rolls in late right before the race is going to start there will be a mad rush for the potties. Many decided to go in the bushes, I decided to wait and I paid for it with my stop a mile into the race. I’ve spoke to runners who have ran this race in 2011 and 2012 and the shuttle issue has been resolved.

The Course itself was fantastic! There is definitely not a lack of sights to see and the crowd support was great! The only part of the course I didn’t particularly care for was the VA Grounds and I know I’m not alone there! That part of the course was tough and there was no crowds for support. Aside from that the rest of the course was great and the support along the course was wonderful. Plenty of water and aid stations. Pacers for those who need it and lots of entertainment! Running down on San Vincente to finish the Race in Santa Monica was the icing on the cake!

Post race was also a highlight of the race, a huge party on the beach! what better place to be after a marathon! All of my friends were at this race so that was something that I really enjoyed and I didn’t mind sticking around for a couple of hours after I crossed the finish line!

Race swag was good, not my favorite t shirt but it has grown on me! The Expo was one of the better ones I’ve been to but the out door expo also lends itself to some issues as well including rain and also too much sun the day before the race.

I would highly recommend this race! The price is more than some other races but this race is worth it! You definitely get what you pay for!