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Review of Los Angeles Marathon by dominiquemall1

Posted by: on March, 22 2012

A for Pre race was great and well organized.I parked in Santa Monica and the shuttles were very well organised and on time.Pre race was very well organised.I did apreciate that The Mayor got up early to give an encouraging few words before the race.
B + for race day.The day of the race I was disappointed expecting more music bands that there were.May be it is because it was so cold.Also I frooze my little bu– off despite my 3 layers of clothing and trash can bag waiting in Dodgers stadium.It will have been a good idea to have provided us with local heaters or soups to warm us up.No good before a marathon to have 2 cold legs to start with!! Then I miss most of sight seeing and miles markings because I was looking on the ground avoiding trash not to stumble and fall.I really liked the gatorade and waterstations pretty frequent.Also I did appreciate the oranges wedges and bananas offered only the way.I wished there were more gels offered on the way but you cannot have it all.A lot of people were walking toward mid and end of marathon which is totally fine with me as long as they are not in the middle of the road slowing the runners down ! Also not enough potties on the way!I guess I was happy to rest for 10 mn waiting in line at the pottie “parlor” ;good thing i did not care about my time!

B+ for after race. I agree with everybody else that said that the post race was kind of a flop.I had to walk back to the parking lot about 3/4 mile :good thing my legs were still working good!But there were bananas and water as well as warming blanket which I think is the average.

Most of all the weather was beautiful at the end.Nothing can beat the arrival sign on Ocean blvd with the ocean on the right and a sense of accomplishment>I will be back next year,God willing to support my charity !