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Review of Los Angeles Marathon by dmmovie

Posted by: on February, 8 2012

I really enjoyed the expo.
I LOVED the course.
The water stations (even in bad weather) were properly maintained with enthusiastic volunteers.

My biggest gripe was the post race. The race organizers didn’t seem interested in the racers once they were finished. No one at the end of the race knew where we should go or where places were. No one know where the clothing pickup was. (Turns out it was a mile from the finish.) I, along with dozens of other runners, were suffering from mild to strong hypothermia. We wondered aimlessly, stopping in hotels to warm up. When I finally got to the clothing pick up spot there still weren’t race staff there to help out with the people suffering from the cold. No signs, no direction.

I think this course is fun, fast and a great run but something has to be done about the post race. Contingencies need to be in place for inclement weather. Last year it was freezing but this year it could be too hot. That’s scary.

Runners need to know that at the end of this marathon you are on your own.