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Review of Los Angeles Marathon by

Posted by: on March, 25 2013

I ran the 2013 2-person charity relay. I didn’t like how they set up the corrals at the start. There were the seeded corrals (A through D, I think) and then signs for 8-min. mile, 9-min. mile, etc. No real organization and no REAL corrals. (I’ve previously done Rock N Roll marathons where the corrals are assigned and VERY organized). After the elite men, everyone started at the same time so there was TONS of traffic. First mile was super-slow because there were far too many people on the course. (Why not start corrals one at a time to spread people out??) The course was awesome and spectator support was THE BEST I’ve ever seen anywhere. Tons of fluids and fresh fruit. AMAZING. But then, they finish line. SO, SO, SO BAD. The last quarter mile (or so) of the course was lined with 6-foot tall chain link fences with black mesh stuff on them. It was basically preventing spectators from seeing their runner finish. WHY?? It still pisses me off. Why would they purposely make it difficult to cheer for your runner and see them cross the finish line? Then at the end of the “finish line chute” all runners were spit out into a massive sea of people. It was just a complete mess. While the course & spectators were the best, the race organization and finish line were the absolute worst I’ve ever seen. Add in LA traffic and it’s not a race I’ll ever do again.