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Review of Los Alamitos Race on the Base Reverse Triathlon by

Posted by: on February, 25 2013

I really like doing reverse sprint triathlons! The expo was well organized and there were more vendors than I expected for a small race. It was close to home and affordable.

Race morning went well. Again, well organized and plenty of room in the staging area. But then … Wave 1 started about 20 – 30 minutes late. Grrr!! Then the worst part! As I was finishing up the bike portion and thinking I could get a PR, about 20 or so of us were stopped mid-race so that Wave 2 could cross our path. We were held up for several minutes. I was held up for about 2 minutes with others held up for longer. There went the PR! And there went the rest of my race!! And just in case you were thinking we must have been too slow, we were well within the time limit for Wave 1! So frustrating! The RD apologized for the “inconvenience”. Inconvenience?!?! Try apologizing for ruining my PR!!! My swim wasn’t great because I knew this ruined my race.

The course itself was really boring. Out on the tarmac for all of it.

Needless to say, I won’t be doing this race again!