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Review of Los Alamitos Race on Base by nikkib

Posted by: on February, 25 2012

The expo is small, but similar to others. The pre-packet pickup was not crowded. Coming in to the base on race day was tough – Leave really early. It took 20 minutes to park.

The course is flat, like you would expect, and fast. I like that there was a lot of space to move around people. There was music in a couple of places, which is nice if you like that. It was cool to see the helicopters.

The post race was what really disappointed me. I went to get my free breakfast, but the place was really crowded so I decided to go home. I waited more than 30 minutes to get off the base. Should have stayed and eaten! It seemed that there was nobody directing traffic for a while, because we were just sitting there. Once it started moving, it was fine.

If they fixed the parking issue, I would really like this race.