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Review of Long Beach Turkey Trot by gavini

Posted by: on February, 27 2012

in a lot of ways this is a fun community event
Pros – great fun community vibe to the whole event, they give out pies randomly at the finish line, huge beach parking lot,
BUT there are a lot of issues. the finish line is downright dangerous. they do several runnings of different length races and when my small kids did the 1k, they were trotting in to the finish line at the same time and to the same finish line that adults who were flying at 6 minute pace in the 5k and at the same time as someone trotting in to a 9 or 10 min per mile pace finish from the 10k. this creates a dangerous situation for all three of those people for different reasons.
there are no official times – just a clock at the finish line. timing costs race organizers less than $2 per runner so the “we are saving money for the charity” line, while true, falls short if you ask me.
the course is not closed and it is narrow, it is out and back on the bike trail along the beach which is a nice place to run but it cant accomodate much of a crowd plus the occasional biker who doesnt care there is a race going on.
no frills finish line with one bottle of water per runner and no food the two years i was there