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Review of Long Beach Triathlon by HB Runner

Posted by: on December, 22 2011

I’ve done this triathlon a few times. It was got me started doing Tri’s. The registration process and packet pick up were worry free. The course is pretty good. The swim is in somewhat choppy water and has always been pretty cold. But exiting the water is the toughest part of the race. It’s a loooong run from the water to T1(in sand!). Bike is a pretty cool course and takes place right there where the LB Grand Prix takes place. Few hills to conquer but nothing major. The run is an out and back and all flat. No real surprises with this course or race. It’s a pretty good spectator triathlon because the bike is 2 loops and both transitions are in the same place. Plenty of places for your friends and family to see you and cheer you on. I would suggest parking down the street and just ride your bike in to avoid the parking mess. I would recommend this race to everyone especially those just getting started in triathlons.