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Review of Long Beach International Marathon/Half/5K by zetroc969

Posted by: on October, 8 2012

pre race expo was ok i have seen better nothing stood out, the course was ok but i thinking it should had a earlier start time.but the first 4 mile there was not must to the course to look at,once we got to shoreline drive was better, but was not any but a few spectator on the course till mile 9.Post race was less then i expected first the bag that they handed out to all the runner,did not have anything to talk about.I have to find the place the was handing of the beach cities challange medal,and when i did it was in a back area to where if i did not go to the info tent i would not had fond it.This is my 7 1/2 marathon i have done this year but this fits the beach cities course……