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Review of Laguna Hills Half Marathon (5K, 10K) by

Posted by: on May, 28 2013

This truly is a well-organized, excellent, top-notch race from beginning to end. It is a medium-big race which is great, not too small not too large, just right. There is plenty of parking at the start, easy in and out of the parking lot. Lots of port-a-potties, some pre-race beverages, good communication as to when to line up etc.
My only beef is the course since all runners, 5k, 10k, and 1/2 marathoners start at the same time. It leads to some early congestion until about the 3 mile mark. This is a minor beef however as the course up until about mile 5 is on a road.
the course can be considered difficult by some, the first half is mainly downhill to flat while the back half of the course contains some climbs. It can wipe you out if you don’t plan properly. Plenty of water stations throughout however so hydration was not an issue.
Post race is good, my suggestion would be to offer a sports drink in addition to water. I was in dire need of some gatorade type drink after the race. Surprisingly the bag pick up and the shuttle busses back to the start were quick and easy.
I will keep coming back each year, this has moved way up my list of my favorite races.