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Review of Laguna Hills Half Marathon (5K, 10K) by

Posted by: on August, 23 2013

Overall this was a good race. Not spectacular – but a solid race. Free parking was ample and very close to the start. There was lots of room at the start, and there was water set out for the runners. My biggest issue with the race overall – lack of porta potties at the start. I waited in line for 20 minutes – and was actually still in line when the gun went off – two minutes early! I was able to get to the back of the pack, but because the 5k and half were mixed together, I had to do a lot of dodging early on. (No corrals).

The course is billed as “rolling” hills – but I was not prepared for the amount of ups and downs. I guess I should have known Laguna “Hills” would have been hilly – but man – it was probably the toughest course I’ve done. My quads were KILLING me by the end because of all the up and down. But as long as you come prepared (Check out the elevation maps and train on hills) you’ll know what to expect.

There were plenty of aid stations and all the volunteers were friendly and helpful.

This wasn’t my favorite race of all time, but it was affordable, on a good day (I prefer non-Sunday races) and organized well. I don’t know that I would for sure do this race again… but I wouldn’t rule it out completely.