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Review of La Jolla Half Marathon by Jim Wenzell

Posted by: on February, 9 2012

Great course. Yes, the “expo” is really lame and the traffic to get to it sucks because parking is very hard to find in La Jolla on a Saturday afternoon. For a race of this size, there is no excuse to have such a minor league expo. The buses to get to the start were orderly and easy to use Just be sure to get there early. It would be good if they had something by the start line while we were waiting for the race to start, but that is minor. The climb up Torrey Pines Rd. Is tough but the hill near the end (coming up into downtown La Jolla) was even harder for me because it is so late in the race. After the climb up Torrey, though, the downhills are awesome and with great views! Great beer garden after the race and a very nice finish area. Pretty easy to get out of there after the race, at least for me. Volunteers are very helpful and friendly. A great experience!