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Review of Kids 4 Kids Run/Walk by

Posted by: on April, 30 2013

I really wanted to like this race. The registration volunteers I spoke with were helpful and very nice. However, being that it is a kids race, it would have been nice to have more than one size kids shirt available. I pre-registered and I was asked for shirt sizes, so I was disappointed to see that only Y mediums were available. As for the adult shirts, I am glad I got a L like I had asked for because the only other size they had was XXL!! The race did not start on time, perhaps they ought to do waves instead to allow the runners to go first. The course, a boring trek down Figueroa, it would have been better if we could have gone in the opposite direction. The post-race activities were nice, except the fact that it was posted all over the carnival that rides were $1 and some were $2-$3. Definitely lacked organization….