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Review of Kids 4 Kids Run/Walk by nikkib

Posted by: on April, 29 2012

How can you not give a race that raises money for kids cancer research an A? I got there early, as has been my way of dealing with parking, and I’m glad I did. The start of the race was delayed because of parking problems and people trying to register as they got there. Bugs and Daffy lead us in a car for the 5k, and the kids loved taking pictures with them 🙂 When they said go – people took off fast and trampled some of the kids in front, poor things!

The race was a loop, with the 10K doing the loop twice. Not a big fan of double loops, but it is downtown, on the day of the laker playoffs, so what else can they do?

The expo after looked like fun – carnival games, cards for kids in hospital and some food/drink. I would liked to have seen some more running type booths, too, though.

I wish it could have started a little earlier, because it was really hot out there, with not much shade on the course.

Pre race was nothing – just watching people set up the carnival and listening to radio Disney. I think some of the store could have made money if they opened early.

My only real gripe is that they only gave out XL shirts, which I know makes it easier, but we aren’t all XL people.

Overall, fun and for a good cause, and I will probably run again.