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Review of ITU World Triathlon San Diego by

Posted by: on April, 22 2013

The reason why I give the Pre-race a B is because it was small and I did not really see great deals. I have found better deals in other expos. However, the information and emails were very helpful and helped me stay on track for the events on the day of the race.
The ITU San Diego Olympic Distance Triathlon experience was something I enjoy. The day was great! It seemed that it was going to be cold because the previous days were windy and gloomy but it turned out to be a really warm and lovely morning. The water did not feel as cold as I expected it. I think the wetsuit helped me to stay warm.
The race was well organized; I think the volunteers did a great job too. All these races would not be so good without the help of the volunteers.
What I did not like much is that the run and the bike had two laps, I don’t like races that have two laps because for some reason the distance seems longer to me. Maybe it is mental. Another thing I did not like was that in the bike part there were some very sharp turns and it feel that there were too many U-turns.
I would recommend the ITU San Diego triathlon to people that want to transition from Sprint to Olympic distance. The race is well organized and the area is beautiful, there are no big hills at any point so people can get a PR here.
Overall, it was a very good race and I would like to do it again. I am still feeling pumped out about it.