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Review of iTRYathlon by stridingmom

Posted by: on July, 31 2012

I have to say this was a fabulous inaugural event. There are usually a lot more bumps, thumps and Renegade put on a fabulous race. It was targeted at newbies (I was one of them) and they did a great job of communicating expectations, prepping athletes for the course, etc. My biggest (and really only) gripe was that they should have separated the adults from the kids at the starting line. Naturally kids get excited and they were all bunched up in the beginning which really clustered things up for the somewhat faster 5k-ers. My favorite part about the race was how encouraging they were. For a small race, you often don’t do a ton of awards, and they did plaques for every 5 year age groups. I think that’s critical if you’re trying to get people engaged. As they handed out awards there were a lot of first time triathletes which was great to hear. I wish they had done the same thing for the kids’ race. My son was a bit disappointed about that after working hard on his event (and even training a bit..and I use that term loosely).

Great event overall!