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Review of Into The Wild O.C. Trail Run by

Posted by: on March, 24 2013

This was my first time running on trails -EVER! It was very challenging – STEEP CLIMBS (elevation gain of 2800ft) and steep descents. It was brutal. I admit … by the 3rd climb at mile 5 I sped walked up. The scenery was BEAUTIFUL! I saw 2 deer (who literally ran across my path) and rabbits! Horses (and lots of horse poop that added to a lot of hopping over the piles The hilltops gave gorgeous views – the weather was PERFECT! I finished in 2:38 … not great, but considering the difficulty – I’ll take it! Foot placement was super important – one minute your running over grassy dirt, the next your sliding down rock! The variety was really cool! There were moments going down hill – I felt like a mountain goat, hoping from rock to rock and running down dirt paths, it was all in all a super fun run! For Half Marathoners who think they are bad asses – I HIGHLY recommend this trail half – it will test your agility and climbing stamina!

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