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Review of ING Kids Rock Run – SD by cherylames

Posted by: on June, 4 2012

My two kids, grades 2 and 6, participated in the ING Kids Rock for the first time this year. For parents who are competing in the San Diego Rock n Roll Marathon and Half, this is a great opportunity for your little ones to share in the fun! Before the event, kids trained and ran a total of 25 miles and then completed their 26th mile at the Kids Rock, thus earning their “marathon medals” There was a lot of positive energy at this event and the Kids Rock Ambassadors did an amazing job promoting the importance of kids being active and exercising. The kids even viewed a video message from Mrs. Obama herself congratulating them on being active. Pre-race included warm up drills for the kids to participate in. The coaches were high energy and got the kids excited about their race. The course itself was a mile that zig-zagged through the Sea World parking lot. I gave the course a “B” simply because my kids and their friends didn’t really like zig-zagging through the parking lot but what can you do? They needed to make it a mile long and if that was the only way they could get it to be a mile then I guess that’s how it is. They had a lot of refreshments for the kids post-race and got a cute ING Kids Rock gear bag to carry everything in. The medal itself was also beautiful! The kids earned their guitar shaped medals and wore them proudly around their necks. These were real medals too! Not the cheap rubber kind they give out at other kids’ events. Overall, this was a great time for the family.