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Review of Hot Chocolate 5K/15K by alanglen49

Posted by: on April, 28 2012

My biggest complaint is the cheezy music they play for 50% of the videos and at the race. It made me run faster just to get away from the speakers, but this was a nice lil 15k around San Diego. I wouldn’t pay the registration fee for the 5k even though you get the same jacket and post race box, why not push yourself to get the 15k and challege yourself a bit….just my two cents. The packet-pick up at Road Runner was awesome and even gave you a chance to swap your jacket for your correct size. The day of the race was easy and worry free as parking was bountiful, gear check-in was efficient, and talk about a million port-o-potties!
The 5K start was a zoo, and it didn’t look like everyone was in their correct corrals, but the 15k seemed more organized. I know a lot of people complained about the hills, but DOODE if you took a loot at the website, it showed you the elevation, c’mon people…prep work is half the battle!