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Review of Hot Chocolate 5K/15K by

Posted by: on April, 3 2013

Loved the race. My friend pick up all of our bibs without any problems. When we arrived on Sunday morning we parked across the trolley tracks and had no problem with the traffic getting there or leaving.

We were amazed on all the porta potties they had and different locations of the race. More were at the start line area and some at the finish line.

The starting corals were well marked and no problems with the start of the race. We picked the short race because we tend to do our long runs on Saturdays with our running group and are training for another half marathon in May. The race course zig zagged through downtown San Diego and had many ups and downs through the short course. But was fun to see all the new development going on in that area.

The finish line was great and not crowded at all. We enjoyed a bottle of water at the end with no difficulty. We headed to the porta potties and than to our reward of the famous Hot Chocolate mug filled with goodies. Lines were short and we were so glad to receive our mug. Found a spot to sit down and enjoy it with other 5k runners. When we were finished we headed to the t-shirt booth and on our way we found plastic bags that we could put our mugs in to take home and not worry about chocolate getting all over the place. Loved the designs and logos for the race on the shirts and jackets and loved that they had kids and adults sizes. So everyone could get something.

We plan on doing this again and want to find a way to get the kids to do it with us next year. We know they will enjoy the end, it’s getting them through the hills to the finish line.