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Review of Honkers Motivational Marathon by

Posted by: on January, 13 2014

I enjoyed this race more than I thought I would. For a small, affordable race, it provided some great amenities, especially post-race. The marathon course is a 6.5 mile out and back and then out and back the other way. It is mostly flat minus running under the many overpasses, but there are a couple hills around mile 19. Nothing to worry about though. The only drawback is the course gets a little boring.
There was a ton of aid stations, about every mile or so it seemed which was great. They even handed out gels which I wasn’t expecting, and the volunteers were really friendly.
The race started on time which I love and the weather was great for running: cool and cloudy in the early morning but ended up in the low 60s and sunny. There’s an early start option for race walkers or people who need a little more time, again, another nice feature.
The post-race goodies were great: bottles of water (I just ran another race where the only post-race refreshments was little tiny cups of water), chocolate milk, apple juice, bagels and bananas. And the race shirt in the goody bag is a long sleeved zip up! Even the big expensive races don’t do that. Add in plenty of free parking, race day bib pick up and this race is really worth the money! I’d do it again.