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Review of Hollywood Half Marathon by Sonia Avila

Posted by: on April, 9 2012

wow what can i say about the race..it was something else compared to other races i ran …. pick-up during the expo was a bit confussing as the bib pick up was towards the end and on the side they had the shirts, it was crowded b/c only one day was offer for runners to pick anything we needed…

best part was the race director, Ken, kept us updated with information through facebook and had contest to keep us motivated..that was a super plus!!

although all runners wanted to keep the famous “hill” it was a killer hill running it back. Ken said it will be removed from the race next year, so that’s something to be excited about.

that take off was good b/c it was downhill although i do have to complain about some runners who walked at the start…i mean what runner walks something like this..not nice, runners please take a note of this..we want a personal record come on!!..i was able to have my PR, and very well deserved i should say.

i was able to register with a voucher offered on facebook..thank you!! it was all great!!

downside of the course was that between mile 10-11 stations ran out of cups, and next stations we saw lots of gallons unattended and runners came up opened them n drank straight from the gallon….i was super tired and not even knowing that the hill was awaiting for me.

overall it was good..first aide station very helpful..1st time i was in the 1st aide due to a fall right after crossing the finish line.. =/

day after the run Ken and Sabrina posted pictures from the run which allowed runners to tag themselves, and save the picture at no extra cost..now that’s for a change!! thank u thank u!

i would totally run it next year! =)