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Review of Hollywood Half Marathon by Caroline

Posted by: on April, 9 2012

The Expo was a nightmare. Parking $15. That is the highest I have heard of for a race Expo.
The shirts are nice.
The course is HARD. Last 3 miles were pure hell.
The Start was a mess. no order in the corals..walkers with coffee cups in the front with 5:00 runners?!!!
Gear check…first they say yes, then no go back to your car, then yes again. Volunteers had no clue about anything.
Running out of cups at mile 6 is ridiculous. I was in the middle pack I would say…so many people were behind. It was warm this could have been a disaster
not enough aid station
some water station..mile 9…had just a bunch of cases of gallons of water with nobody there..runners had to stop and open the boxes to get water…
if you are going to charge $$ for a race you need to have WATER! and CUPS!
Medal is nice.
Lots of people with no time on the final results or mistakes in their finish time. Lots of people got the wrong shirt also.
they have some stuff to fix before I give them more $$
not coming back next year, will do another race