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Review of Hollywood Half Marathon by

Posted by: on April, 10 2013

The 2012 HHM was my first ‘big’ race so I didn’t have much to compare to, but having run a dozen races since, I can say with certainty this year’s race came with many many improvements!! The organization, the energy, and the course were all very much improved upon. I can tell that Ken, the race director, takes feedback very seriously and is passionate about putting on a great event.

The Pre-Race was nice, I usually do my own routine so I don’t get too involved. But the energy of the crowd was high and everybody seemed anxious to get going. The only thing I would comment is some better training for the corral separators. They didn’t do a very good job keeping us separated and by the time we reached the front it was a bit of a blob/mess, could have just been my corral though. We crazy.

The COURSE! Oh man I liked this course soooo much better, that one giant hill was killer for me last year. I was in much worse shape though so who knows. I liked this course better though, the abundance of water/aid stations was nice. I did just read up on something called the hydropouch. I think it would be nice to see that implemented in the race to cut down on all the waste.

Post-race was good but I felt it was too short, I’d like a longer section with more groups handing out cool down water/refreshments. I had to run off for my next race so I couldn’t stay for the headline but I definitely liked the area we finished in!

Overall I had a great race, good time, and very proud to be in the Legacy Club!!