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Review of Hollywood Half Marathon by

Posted by: on April, 9 2013

I’m an avid half marathon runner (I do one about every two weeks) and think this is by far one of my favorite events!

Cool Swag from the bib, to the t-shirt and the medal (by far my favorite out of 18 I have)

Legacy Runner status – I did the inaugural half and this year’s half and I’m please to be part of this group and receive its benefits

Race coordinators – You give them feedback, they listen and change/adjust! I don’t know what more you can ask for out of them. Really down to earth and nice people and I can’t say enough good things about them.

Lots of water, and gu’s for even back of the back runners as myself (I average 2:45) which was fixed after feedback from the last year’s event

Improved course (no killer hill) that was also changed from feedback from the previous year, but it was a little more boring as you missed going through universal studios for the beginning and ended up going through a neighborhood

Parking – this always tends to be an issue with races but this one seemed as though there was ample parking and no traffic (although I had to leave at 4am)

People on the course are always there for fun and to support each other – I love the energy of this race!

Race pick-up at the expo was a little bit confusing (and only open till 7pm wish it had been 9pm), but there were lots of nice volunteers who answered my questions and gave me direction

Needed more bathrooms at start line/on the course – but I find during these races no matter how many you have there are always lines!

Overall I give this race an A and have already signed up to participate in next year’s events. I think this is one of the few races I know I will go back to every years as I believe they will just get better given the race coordinators’ dedication to improvement and happiness of the racers. I’ve been to a lot of different sized races and next to the Rock’N’Roll events this is truly a great race and a favorite!