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Review of Hollywood Half Marathon by

Posted by: on April, 9 2013

I’ve had a great experience at this race both the inaugural year and the 2nd year. I have never been to the expos, I opted to pay a little extra and have same day packet pickup. That is very convenient. It’s a bit rough driving in from OC to Hollywood for a 6:00 race but I wouldn’t change the start time. It’s wonderful to get out there early and finish up and still have most of the day left. The course was absolutely wonderful. I don’t know if I loved the course this year better or last year. I am glad they got rid of the monster hill at the end of last years course. This time they put the grades in the middle and it was perfect. We stared right outside of El Capitan and it was so beautiful and exciting. The start line was awesome … super cool pace car. The roads were great … a little bit too crowned in some places but not bad. I loved that you turned the corner and there was the finish line. What a rush that was. The traffic coming in was very light and I paid $10 for parking, which I think is outstanding. The parking structures had a good maps and were easy to find. I didn’t stay for the after party but it sounded amazing. The race directors are so incredible and care so much. I love this race and plan to keep my Legacy status as long as I can still run. I suggest it highly to anyone. I did hear about some issues with the shuttle and that is really unfortunate. I would not base the race on one unfortunate situation but I do understand the frustration of those who had a bad experience.