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Review of Hollywood Half Marathon by

Posted by: on April, 8 2013

I ran last year in inaugural race and it was horrible (No cups, no electrolytes, no gels) and naively believed the race director that it was a fluke and bought the Kool-aid and signed up for round 2. The communication with the Race Director that was so evident in the first race was gone in the second race. After posting the 2013 medal almost all communication or the race stopped, except when the race directors wanted to self promote their own other races or post pictures of them dressed as “Michael Blackson” hanging out in “elite” places.

At expo, there were maybe 16 vendors and half of them were other races. No Legacy bib pickup like promised and no safety pins for bibs. The shirt was identical to last years race which is hugely disappointing Also only thing in bag was 2 ads (one for a movie that has been open for over a month, and one for a chance to win $1000000 when you give them all your info and agree to be spammed), one packet of 80 calorie protein powder and a packet of mens towelettes. I took the red line so no issues with paying for parking for me.

At race morning I asked 4 different volunteers where Port-o-johns were and none knew. Finally a police officer directed me. Corals were full of all race participants and tat was awkward. The 5k/10k runners in my 6th corral were WALKERS and we had to maneuver around them. The course was OK but what was advertised as “FLAT and fast” was NOT flat. Huge hill from mile 5 to 6.75 then back down. The last mile of the course was swarming with spectators not on the sidewalk but in the street trying to get pictures of the runners. Very aggravating to have to move around Joe Blow with a camera yelling at you to get out of HIS way.

Finish line was around a corner and all of a sudden BLAM wall of people standing around. Less then 3 feet past the last mat was a huge cluster of people just standing there and trying to get pictures of the finish line in the background. All the 5kers and 10kers were wandering about tripping up the half runners who were finishing in 2 hours. “Finish line expo” promising more goods and samples was non existent. Only thing at finish line was a small bottle of water and a warm and mushy brown banana. I saw a couple volunteers holding a bag of bagels but they were holding the bagels with their bare hands an I heard one of then coughing so no thank you.

I had apprehensions about the second race after all communications stopped and should have listened to my gut. I WILL NOT sign up for race #3 and will take the history of all Super Hero Events (without an event without some major glitch yet) and steer as far away as I can