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Review of Hollywood Half Marathon by

Posted by: on April, 8 2013

I can say it is definitely interesting to run through Hollywood and old Los Angeles.
I skipped the expo and paid $5 to pick up my bib at the start line (big thanks to RaceGrader for saving me $10). A big bummer with this was we did not get the free bag. So, I pay $100 to run in the race but I don’t get the same perks as everyone else because I can’t take a day off from work to drive 100 miles/4 hour round trip to pick up a bib on a Friday afternoon. Hmmmmm, a strategy that needs to be re-thought.
My family and I stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn a few blocks up Highland and it was a quick walk from the hotel to the start. I wanted to bring a sweatshirt to stay warm and then check at bag check but when I saw it would be a 1.5 mile round trip I chose not to and tried to keep moving to stay warm. As per my usual pre-race strategy I made my way to the port-a-potties which by the way no volunteer knew where they were. And I waited, and waited, and waited, and waited, 30 minutes later and still 24 people in front of me I heard what I thought was the Star Spangled Banner. Great, i was in wave 4. I had to choose, relieve myself or get to the start line pronto. Opted for the start line however I was late, and got in with Wave 8.
I had to dodge a lot of traffic as I passed groups after the start, thankfully the streets are wide. There were a lot of side by side runners but that’s a common theme amongst a lot of halfies so it was expected.
The course’s hills crushed a lot of people, I could see it on their faces after you come out of the neighborhood and it made me feel bad for those who were racing for the first time. The course was difficult, especially if you don’t train on hills. I cheered for them as we met to help encourage them that it would get better.
In the final 2 miles there were a lot of random people crossing the street and I ran an unfortunate person over. I was in my kick and didn’t see them, they obviously didn’t see me plus I thought they were restricting crossing of the course and I wasn’t looking.
The finish line was okay, water and bananas and a place to stretch are all I ask for, I got two of the three (water and banana). It seemed like a lot of non-runners were in the finish area making it more congested than it already was. The medal is cool, I rank it as one of my favorites. My bib personalization did not happen for whatever reason, that was another $20 out the window. Easy come easy go I guess.
I am on the fence whether I’d do it again. I would hope the sparse pre-race communication would improve given more experience to Superhero Events. Some days I felt as if I’d been scammed since I rarely saw updates.
It would be fun if somehow the course traced the entire Walk of Fame and mile markers were linked to individual walk of fame names along the course.
They cannot raise the price on the event any more either otherwise it is going to be in the ‘high end’ range and Superhero Events will force people out.